Prevent private calendar entries to display the subject if a room or resource is reserved in R&R database

Michael Klein  9 April 2014 16:31:17
We came across the following issue at a customer meeting:

A user creates a private calendar entry, marks it as 'private' and reserves a room in the Room and Ressource (R&R) database (via said calendar entry). The user expects that no information of the calendar entry is visible to other users. However, in the R&R database, the subject of the calender entry is visible.

This fact may lead to problematic situations in some cases and we were asked if and how this behavior could be prevented.

The following setting has been around since Domino 7.03:


In case of a private calendar entry, it will cause the RnRMgr to replace the calendar entry's subject with the following string

[** Private entry. The description is not available for display. **]

The following IBM technote describes the problem as well as the solution:
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