Easy handling of word documents in the web browser

Gregor Weisser  22 January 2017 17:55:42
Last week, I had to work with a web application. There was an area for uploading word documents. I mean, in most cases I would prefer a web-based text editing software, but in this case the use of Word documents was inevitable. I uploaded the Word documents and mentally pushed away my slight annoyance.
But not for long. A day later I found myself in the exact situation I had feared: I had to add some text to the word document uploaded the day before! I was convinced that I needed to go through that cumbersome process of downloading, editing and re-uploading. But then, something magical happened:
With one click Word opened. I added my text. Saved and closed Word and then... nothing. There was no upload required. I was surprised and filled with joy. It was so easy to edit that word document over the web. But why? How?
Then I found out: The technology behind this smooth user interface is the ATEGRA Web File Handler. I will suggest it to everyone developing web applications, for sure.
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